My English School in Fukuyama

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Great news everybody. I’m visiting a friend in Japan and during that time I’m going to study TOEIC at an English school. My friend lives in Fukuyama Hiroshima. She is going to let me stay there for two months. I really want to visit my friend but I also want to continue studying English and studying for the TOEIC test. So I started researching different English schools in the Fukuyama area. There are actually many of them. I found at least 10. It was a little difficult to research for the English schools because my Japanese is very limited. So I use the Google translate program and found out that Japanese people call English schools, eikaiwa. Then I found out that this can be written in Japanese like this 英会話。So I put into Google 福山市英会話 and I was able to find a lot of good schools.

One of the schools was called Goodwin eikaiwa. And this interest to me because I had previously used in online toy course that was also named Goodwin. So I sent them an email to ask them to give me their prices and explain the way that their English school works. I got a reply in about two days give me the prices and explain to me the different courses that they have. They had many different courses. They had kids courses, and adult courses. Within the a different adult courses they had something called a standard course, free discussion course, a TOEIC course, a business course and a travel course.


The standard course was a basic English class. In this class you would learn everything that there is to learn in English. So you could learn listening skills, speaking skills, different grammar and you can also practice your pronunciation.

The free discussion course was a course that was for higher level students and it focused on speaking. Each class would be a different subject or theme. Then the students would talk about this subject using different vocabulary words and sentences for the majority of the class.

The TOEIC courses of course a course about taking the TOEIC test. There are a lot of different practice questions and they tell you how best to take the course. They teach you the strategies and tactics that you need to use to do better on that course.

The business course taught you how to perform in a business environment. So there’s a lot of teaching about how to speak politely. Is a lot of business words that you learn. There’s a lot of role-playing where you can pretend to be a businessman and practice all of the different situations that you’ll need to use your English and.


The travel course was very interesting and this was less conversation and more about how to get around when you’re on a vacation in English speaking environment. So you might learn how to check into a front desk at a hotel. You could learn how to order your food at a restaurant. You could learn how to ask directions. And all kinds of other different situations.

I decided that I was going to take the TOEIC course and the free discussion course. I have a free lesson that I’m going to take when I get there before I actually signed the contract. But I have a good feeling about this place and I think that I will become the student there.

Back from Vacation

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I just got back from vacation. It was amazing. I’m a little tired right now but I wanted to throw a quick post on my blog. Probably tomorrow or the next day when I have more energy I’m going to write a longer post about all of the adventures I had on vacation. But rest assured I had quite the time and I met a lot of fun people I know I said I wasn’t going to studying English and actually I didn’t but I met and became friends with a couple of Canadians ran for about three or four days we hung out all day. It was great to have a chance to use all of the English I studied and I really think that those three days help me improve my English speaking quite a lot. I know that now I have a lot more, my English skills than I did before I left on my vacation. It’s kind of funny because I thought that I would not be thinking or using any of us at all but in the end I end up using English for half of my vacation. Oh well, it was a lot of fun anyway look for a post coming in next week where I explain a lot more about all the the adventures I have a vacation until then bye-bye

A Thai’s Review of

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Over my time studying for the TOEIC test I have used many textbooks and various study guides. Many of them have helped me and a few have been a waste of time and money. But up until now I could not say that I “love” anyone textbook I felt that some textbooks were good in some areas and bad in other areas but not one textbook could give me everything I needed to improve my TOEIC score. That was until two weeks ago. About two weeks ago one of my friends told me about a website that helped him improve his TOEIC score by 200 points in one month. For anyone who is studied for the TOEIC test you know that improving your score by that much that fast is not easy. Many companies will advertise that there product can do this for you but in reality it is very difficult. My friend told me the web address and I was determined to look it over. A few days later I had some free time I decided to check it out. First off I noticed that the overall visuals of the website looks very professional, much more professional than other TOEIC online guides. I then saw that they had “free trial” area where I could sign up and get access to a number of their different types of lessons. I was very impressed by what I saw a man decided to sign up for the “gold” membership. This was $29 a month. This $29 offered me about 80 hours of video lessons all about TOEIC and the different sections in the TOEIC test. I also got seven full-length tests. I had access to about 5000 different practice questions. I could download many recordings for my iPhone, there was a course on vocabulary for the TOEIC test. And my favorite was the forum where students could go and ask questions, and later real TOEIC teachers would come and help you.



I started off using different video lessons for each section. It’s all test has seven different sections. For listening sections and three reading sections. With the Goodwin English guide you have about 20 different video lessons for each section. They really go in depth about all the different types of questions and the different tips and strategies you need to use to do well. So ice darted off I turning on the English subtitles to each video and simply listening to the advice that they had. Then after watching a couple of videos they give you some different practice questions. Some of these are normal TOEIC practice questions and some are what they call “skill builders”. These are basically exercises that help you practice the skills you need to do what they advise you to do. Then after finishing all of the different video lessons you get a full-length TOEIC test to do. Then after you finish that you move on to the next action. This way if you go through all of the video lessons you have done thousands of different practice questions, and you would have taken six full-length TOEIC tests. You would certainly be ready for the real test.



skill builder screenshotAfter I finish those video lessons I moved on to the vocabulary building course. These are simple but very effective lessons where they teach you different vocabulary words that are often used in the TOEIC test. Most of these words are business type words. Then they will give you the definition of the words. It will show you what they call “word families” which is actually very important. And they give you a quiz so that you can test how well you remember those vocabulary words. After doing all of this in two weeks I used Goodwin English’s free TOEIC test to measure how much I have improved my talk score in the short time that I’ve been using it. Before I found Goodwin English I was scoring around 600 on my practice tests. After using Goodwin English and going through all of their lessons I had improved my talk score to 770. That’s 170 points in two weeks. I was very happy.

The advantages of this course are many, there is so much to it that whatever your strengths or weaknesses are you can find a lesson or a course that will help you. This type of variety in lessons I haven’t seen in other online guides or websites. And as I mentioned earlier I really think that the forum is a great resource that all students should take advantage of.

I really couldn’t find any weaknesses were drawbacks to the course. $29 is not too much money. Most textbooks will cost more than $29. But I guess that if you look at it as tween nine dollars a month and might become more expensive. I remember you only pay every month. So if you don’t need the course in more you don’t have to pay. Pretty simple.

I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who is studying for the TOEIC test. This guide you can use with your smart phone, your iPod, or your home computer. You are many different types of lessons that can help you with each section in the TOEIC test. There are vocabulary lessons, listening lessons, many different practice questions, so much and my favorite the forms. If you’re serious about improving your talk score this is where you want to start.


Goodwin English’s TOEIC Guide

TOEIC Practice Test #2

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As I mentioned in a previous post I have became a member of Goodwin English is guide to the TOEIC test, in the membership I have access to seven TOEIC test I took second test yesterday to measure how much improvement I have made since I started studying for the TOEIC test. My started studying for the TOEIC test two months ago I got 550 on(couple weeks later I got 600. In this last practice tests I got 820. I am very very happy. For the longest time I thought that all of my studying and hard work is not really helping me improve my talk score. During a couple of study sessions actually felt like giving up. I would tell myself that it doesn’t matter how much a study among going to prove. I think part of that was that I was only using TOEIC textbooks and I was burnt out” of study. Just staring at pages of toy questions two hours a day can take away a lot of your motivation then I started using Goodwin’s TOEIC video lessons and a lot of the information similar to what I found in the textbooks but they were video classes. So I could practice my listening, and he was so much easier to concentrate because there’s a teacher). I found that I didn’t get as tired as quickly as I did my textbooks. I think that Goodwin guide really helped me improve my skills a lot and I know it help me regain my motivation to study.

I’m going away for about a week on vacation so to all of my listeners and readers don’t expect any new post for a little while. I’m not going studying English or TOEIC and I’m not going to do any kickboxing training either. Only go to the beach every day and relax. But I will make sure not to drink any alcohol I have to keep my weight down because I have a amateur MMA fights coming up next month

English Conversation Class

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Today I have my English conversation. This is different from my TOEIC studies. In this class we focus on speaking skills. We also do listening practice as well and that can help my TOEIC score. But this is really my favorite type of English study. It really doesn’t feel like studying it feels like having a conversation with a friend. Our teachers really good and he makes interesting lessons so that there never boring. And I always feel like I learned a lot afterwards.

Desks in classroom

Desks in classroom

My class starts from 6 to 8 at night. Usually there is a bowel 18 members in the class and one teacher. Everyone in the class are University students and most of us have taken the TOEIC test or will take the TOEIC test future we all want to get English related jobs graduate University. I want to be an international businessman.

In the last listening to teacher had us practicing formal English or polite phrases. In a normal conversation with your friend will use informal English by in business situations you have to use formal English. For example when talking with your friends you could say “do you want some coffee?”, But in a business situation it would be better to say would you like some coffee?”. In the normal world Lord talking with a friend could ask where’s the bank?” But want to be more formal better to say something like this, “excuse me, could you tell me where the bank is?. When the teacher explained the grammar I can understand it but using it in the real situation is very different. Usually after the teacher explains how to use it we all work together in groups practicing and practicing what we learned again and again.

On my way home from my class I have the opportunity to practice it. I saw a couple foreigners with the map, they looked lost. Normally I would help them find whatever hotel will replace are looking for. But I just learned how to ask directions the polite way. So I went up to them and I said give me, could you tell me where the Avion hotel is?”, They looked a little shocked at first but then kindly told me that they were tourists they didn’t know where the hotel will. I didn’t think them to walk home. It must’ve been very funny for them. I know it was funny for me.


Tomorrow I will try to do two hours of TOEIC study. I’ve been doing pretty good with one hour a day. But right now I have a little more time to myself so I thought that I would increase the amount of time I study for the TOEIC test. Basically my whole life right now is studying English, kickboxing and going to University. Really not much besides that. But to tell the truth I’m having a lot of fun.

Kickboxing Day

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Today I thought I’d take a break talking about my TOEIC study and talk a little bit about my other hobby, kickboxing. Today at my gym we’re having kickboxing. We have a different schedule so sometimes we practice grappling, sometimes we do striking and sometimes we do MMA. Today were going to do 15 minutes of shadowboxing, then going to do about one hour of technique. So our codes will teach us a couple of different combinations that we practice. After that will do about 10 to 15 minutes of focus mitt work. This is where you hit amid that your partners holding. After that one hour of our.


Sparring is my favorite, because I really like fighting. Each practice is a little different because he’s practice has different members. Of course the majority of the members of the same every practice so you get to know each other very well. But we also have new members or rotating gym members. This is where people from other gems visit different gems to get practice and more experience fighting other people. If you only five people in your gym then you’re missing out it’s always good practice to bar against many different people as possible.

Today we have for new members and to people from the different to. To be honest both of these groups are a little dangerous. The new members are dangerous not because they have a lot of skills but because they can’t control their emotions. So if they get hit in the face the sometimes go a little crazy. Then they put all of their power into their conscience. Really during sparring you’re not supposed to do 100% power, usually do 70 to 80%. When you have a real fight then you can go ahead and put in 100% the unwritten rules Farnese that however much power you put into your punch that much power will come back from partner if you do 100% power in your partners can hit you back 100% of his the beginners don’t know this. They think this is the fight. If it was a normal member that I would simply get them back with hundred percent of my power. Other new members and the coach wants them to continue. So on the first day if I hit them 100% of the power it might not come back.

The second group the rotating gym members can be dangerous as well. Because they don’t know anybody at the gym sometimes they feel nervous and often they want to make a name for himself. Basic of the one to show everybody that their strong good. So they tend to go to strong or to heart as well. If they do this to some of our new members then usually one of the professional fighters on our team will spar with them and will teach them a lesson”. It’s funny how many rules are in kickboxing gym but my any of the rules are unset most of the explanation of rules comes through a punch or kick.

First TOEIC Textbook

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